Transforming lives and equipping people for service, Training for Learning and Serving is one of the United Reformed Church's gifts to the wider church.

Do you have a mind to:

  • ENJOY stimulating sessions of study?
  • ENCOURAGE growth in your church?
  • EMBARK upon a new direction in discipleship?
  • EXPLORE the Bible and Christian Thought as it applies today?
  • ENGAGE with others on a similar journey?
  • EQUIP for mission and service?
  • ENRICH your spirituality?

As the title suggests, a way into the format and approach of the modules that follow. A useful way of finding out how the balance between meetings and home study fits together.

A voyage of discovery into the different aspects of both Old and New Testaments.

A 'guidebook' to thoughts and ideas about how we see and experience worship; and about how we can become involved in worship leading worship. 

The study of religious faith, practice, and experience : the study of God and God's relation to the world

This course aims to enable you to gain skills and practice in the proclamation of the Gospel.

This course aims to provide learning opportunities for those involved in community activity, reflecting

on that activity from perspectives of faith and community development principles and values.